Professor Sven Horak, St. John’s University New York, works in the area of global management, organization and leadership. His research examines the important role informality plays in managing globally. More specifically, he explores informal structures and the drivers and ideals of informal networking. His work helps global managers to connect and to improve their networking capabilities in a responsible way. Professor Horak’s work enhances our theoretical and practical understanding of how informality and informal networking affects and influences the practice of global management.

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Research & Insights:

Informal Network Leadership—Proactive Versus Reactive Strategic Choices

Global managers know that developing networks in a host country can be a tedious endeavor. Whereas developing friendly work relationships locally is often regarded as less problematic, developing informal networks is challenging but important for business success. The function of informal networks becomes relevant for transactions under ambiguity thatContinue reading “Informal Network Leadership—Proactive Versus Reactive Strategic Choices”

How to turn leader favoritism into something better

How empathy‐based favoritism can help to develop organizational social capital // The question of how to treat subordinates fairly and justly is a central ethical challenge for responsible leaders. Typically, leaders encounter challenges between differentiating their interactions with employees to build a more personal relationship and leveling their interactionsContinue reading “How to turn leader favoritism into something better”