HR, People & Culture – Kulturelle Barrieren überwinden: Compassion als handlungsleitendes Ideal für globale Führungskräfte

Die Globalisierung setzt Führungskräfte verschiedenen ethischen Systemen aus. Es ist nahezu unmöglich, jede einzelne Kultur und die damit verbundenen ethischen Systeme in ihrer Gesamtheit tiefgreifend zu verstehen. Herkömmliche – und mittlerweile eher veraltete – Ansätze zur Erfassung des “doing business in” anderen Ländern konzentrierten sich oft auf die Interpretation der populären dimensionsbasierten Kulturmodelle wie Individualismus,Continue reading “HR, People & Culture – Kulturelle Barrieren überwinden: Compassion als handlungsleitendes Ideal für globale Führungskräfte”

People & Culture – Leading with cross-cultural Compassion

Cross-cultural compassion is a key skill for global leaders // Globalization exposes leaders to a variety of different ethical systems. It is nearly an impossible task to deeply understand each and every culture and the attached ethical systems they are dealing with in their entirety. Conventional – and meanwhile rather outdated – approaches to understandingContinue reading “People & Culture – Leading with cross-cultural Compassion”

Informal Network Leadership—Proactive Versus Reactive Strategic Choices

Global managers know that developing networks in a host country can be a tedious endeavor. Whereas developing friendly work relationships locally is often regarded as less problematic, developing informal networks is challenging but important for business success. The function of informal networks becomes relevant for transactions under ambiguity that require trust and commitment between actors.Continue reading “Informal Network Leadership—Proactive Versus Reactive Strategic Choices”

Employee engagement in the digital work era

How to be a part of it when we don’t go to office anymore? // In recent years, and particularly this one, the workplace has been moving online. Many employees are now working from home without direct supervision from managers or coworkers. This can mean that workflow decreases as there is no encouragement from thoseContinue reading “Employee engagement in the digital work era”

Redes informales en los negocios: los lados oscuros y brillantes

La creación de una red de conexiones informal puede ser vista como una actividad positiva con resultados benéficos para los individuos, las empresas y la sociedad en su conjunto, pero la interconexión informal puede también llevar a la colusión, mafias, nepotismo, y otras formas de conducta poco éticas o corruptas – principalmente relacionada con laContinue reading “Redes informales en los negocios: los lados oscuros y brillantes”

Remote work: How to network informally?

With far less face to face, real-life interaction, maintaining informal relationships at work is challenging // Today, many of us are working from home. While this can still mean good productivity, it does mean that our connections with other people such as our colleagues can be somewhat limited. In fact, without the usual coffee breakContinue reading “Remote work: How to network informally?”