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Selected recent and forthcoming publications include:

Informal Networks in International Business
S. Horak, 2022
Edited Volume, Emerald Publishing, UK.
Description and contents

Explaining the persistence of informal institutions: The role of informal networks
The Academy of Management Review
with D. Minbaeva, A. Ledeneva and M. Muratbekova-Touron, 2022.

Informal networks, informal institutions, and social exclusion in the workplace: Insights from subsidiaries of MNCs in Korea
Journal of Business Ethics
with Y. Suseno
DOI: (open access)

Informal Network Context: Deepening the Knowledge and Extending the Boundaries of Social Network Research in International Human Resource Management
The International Journal of Human Resource Management
with Y. Paik

Turning a liability into an asset of foreignness: Managing informal networks in Korea
Business Horizons, 65(3), 351-364.
with J. Lee, Y. Paik, and I. Yang

Informal Networks: Dark Sides, Bright Sides, and Unexplored Dimensions
Management and Organization Review, 16(3), 511-542.
with F. Afiouni, Y. Bian, A. Ledeneva, M. Muratbekova-Touron and C. Fey, 2020.

Leader humor effectiveness – The divergent dynamics of leader humor over time in East Asia and North America
Thunderbird International Business Review, 63(3), 383-395.
with I. Yang and S.C. Chi, 2020.

An Integrative Ethical Approach to Leader Favoritism
Business Ethics, 30(1), 90-101.
with I. Yang and N. Kakabadse, 2020

Facing complexity, crisis and risk: Opportunities and challenges in International Human Resource Management
Thunderbird International Business Review, 61(3), 465-470.
with Farndale, E.; Phillips, J. & Beamond, M., 2019

Two not of a kind: Social network theory and informal social networks in East Asia
Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 36(2), 349-372.
with Taube, M.; Yang, I. & Restel, K. 2019.