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Selected recent and forthcoming publications include:

Informal Networks: Dark Sides, Bright Sides, and Unexplored Dimensions.
Management and Organization Review, 16(3), 511-542.
with F. Afiouni, Y. Bian, A. Ledeneva, M. Muratbekova-Touron and C. Fey, 2020

Leader humor effectiveness – The divergent dynamics of leader humor over time in East Asia and North America.
Thunderbird International Business Review, forthcoming.
with I. Yang and S.C. Chi, 2020.

An Integrative Ethical Approach to Leader Favoritism.
Business Ethics: A European Review, forthcoming.
with I. Yang and N. Kakabadse, 2020

Facing complexity, crisis and risk: Opportunities and challenges in International Human Resource Management.
Thunderbird International Business Review, 61(3), 465-470.
with Farndale, E.; Phillips, J. & Beamond, M., 2019

Two not of a kind: Social network theory and informal social networks in East Asia.
Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 36(2), 349-372.
with Taube, M.; Yang, I. & Restel, K. 2019.